Standard Superior Cottage (Twin/Single/Double)

$480.00 / per night
Max. Guests
2 Adults / 1 Children
Booking Nights
1 Min. / 10 plus Max.
Bed Type
Twin Bed
62 m²

Sitting on 62 Meter Square surface area, the Cottage can accommodate a maximum of two guests. It’s fitted with two (2)  washrooms, inner and outer shower. The cottages are eco friendly,  sliding glass doors and Makuti roof. Rooms have balcony  with a sitting area and bio flash toilets, hot shower and , furnished with wooden floor of unmatched beauty. The twin beds is 3.5 by 6 inches each.

Room Availability

  • Available
  • Not Available

Room Services

River view
Pool view
Garden view
Private Bathroom
Coffee Maker

Additional Services

Massage & Spa