Mara Sweet Acacia Lodge 5 day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Wilderness Welcome

  •  Arrive at Mara Sweet Acacia Lodge and settle into your chosen accommodation.
  • Enjoy a delectable lunch at the lodge’s restaurant. Relax by the pool or take a nature walk around the lodge premises.
  • Gather around the bonfire for a welcome Maasai dance performance. Dinner at the lodge’s restaurant.


Day 2: Explore the Maasai Mara

  • Early morning game drive to witness the Mara’s wildlife awakening.
  • Return to the lodge for a hearty brunch. Relax and enjoy the lodge facilities.
  •  Another thrilling game drive to spot the Mara’s inhabitants in their natural habitat.
  •  Bonfire storytelling session under the starlit African sky, followed by dinner.

    Mara Triangle
    Mara Triangle

Day 3: Cultural Immersion and Adventure

  • Visit a local Maasai village for a cultural experience. Learn about their traditions and way of life.
  • Return to the lodge for lunch. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the spa or by the pool.
  • Sundowners at the Tree-Top Bar, witnessing the Mara’s magical sunset.
  • Candlelit dinner at a private, scenic spot within the lodge premises.

Day 4: Aerial Adventure and Relaxation

  • Embark on a thrilling hot air balloon safari over the Mara plains, observing wildlife from the skies.
  • Return to the lodge for a celebratory champagne breakfast. Relax in your room or enjoy a spa treatment.
  •  Sunset walk to the hanging bridge for panoramic views of the river and surrounding landscape.
  • Special dinner at the lodge’s exclusive treetop restaurant, indulging in gourmet delights.

    Hot Air Balloon
    Hot Air Balloon

Day 5: Departure with Memories

  • Optional activities like a final game drive or leisure time at the lodge.
  • Check-out from Mara Sweet Acacia Lodge with a heart full of memories and a souvenir from the curio shop.
  • Depart for your next destination, accompanied by the warm farewells of the lodge staff, promising to welcome you back in the future.

From Sunrise to Sunset at Mara Sweet Acacia Lodge


  • Sunrise Game Drive: Start your day with an early morning game drive to witness the Mara’s wildlife awakening. Your expert guide will help you spot lions, elephants, and other magnificent creatures during their most active hours.
  • Bush Breakfast: Enjoy a delightful bush breakfast in the midst of the wilderness, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

    Tree Top Dinning
    Tree Top Dinning


  • Relaxation and Spa: Return to the lodge for a relaxing midday. Indulge in spa treatments, refreshing dips in the pool, or unwind in the comforts of your room. The lodge’s serene ambiance provides the perfect escape from the midday heat.


  • Cultural Experience: Engage in a cultural encounter with the local Maasai people. Participate in traditional dances, learn about their customs, and purchase authentic crafts from their artisans.
  • Lunch: Enjoy a sumptuous lunch at the lodge’s restaurant, featuring a blend of local and international cuisine.

    Mara sweet Acacia Lodge Therapy Rooms
    Mara sweet Acacia Lodge Therapy Rooms


  • Sundowner Experience: Head to the Tree-Top Bar to enjoy sundowners while witnessing the breathtaking Mara sunset. Sip on cocktails and nibble on appetizers as you overlook the vast plains and the changing colors of the sky.
  • Night Safari: Embark on a night safari, a unique opportunity to observe the Mara’s nocturnal wildlife. Equipped with spotlights, your guide will reveal a different side of the wilderness, where elusive creatures come to life under the cover of darkness.

    Wild Beast Migration Masai Mara
    Wild Beast Migration Masai Mara


  • Bonfire and Maasai Dance: Gather around a bonfire to experience the mesmerizing Maasai dance. Engage in the rhythmic beats and learn traditional dance moves from the Maasai warriors.
  • Dinner under the Stars: Conclude your day with a gourmet dinner served under the stars, set against the backdrop of the Mara’s night sounds. Enjoy delectable dishes and share stories of the day’s adventures with fellow guests.

From the thrill of morning game drives to the serenity of spa treatments, cultural encounters, and captivating sunsets, Mara Sweet Acacia Lodge offers a seamless blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural enrichment from sunrise to sunset.

Mara Safari Details

Number of Rooms

At Mara Sweet Acacia Lodge, we have 36 cottages, all our rooms are cottages built in line that is environmentally sustainable manner. Our rooms are large in space , specious, majorly wooden with sliding glass doors and big windows. 26 of the cottages are Standard Superior Cottages [consist of a twin or Double/Single bed arrangement], 4 are Family Cottages [ can hold a maximum of 4 persons each family Cottage]. Our family cottages are generally among the best designed and furnished in Masai Mara. The last category is 6 Deluxe cottages, they are our high-end cottages fitted with a bath tab inside, both inside and otter shower bathrooms, mini pool at the forefront, king-size or queen- size of bed suitable for honeymooners.

Children and Families Safari in The Masai Mara

A family holiday in the Masai Mara is a one-in-a-lifetime experience that your kid will never forget.

Exploring one of the Africa’s greatest wilderness areas seeing the big five and massive hers of the wildebeest, the scenic Mara landscape, memorable game drive and safari, dusk bonfire enchanted with Masai dance, elegant accommodation in the bush together with tasting all kind of African cuisines at the photogenic savannah backdrops will enchant kids of all kinds.

Malaria Protection and Safety

There are very minimal cases of malaria at our lodge due to the fact that we have put in please many preventive and safety measures such as all our beds have mosquito nets, all our rooms are equipped with mosquito repellant, mosquito coils. Also, twice a moth we carry out general mosquito spraying in the entire compound and it’s surrounding.

Despite of all these efforts we are taking to fight malaria, given that in Mara most safari areas are malarial and taking preventive pills is highly recommended, we encourage clients while visiting to carry with them anti malaria tables, mosquito repellent, and also, travelers are strongly advised to consult with their doctorS about taking malaria prophylaxis before traveling.

Seasons and Temperatures

In Masai Mara temperature during the day ranges between 20-27 degree Celsius and it falls at night to between 11-14 degree Celsius. Mara normally experiences both dry seasons and the rainy seasons or wet seasons throughout the year.  Mara has two rainy seasons: the short rainy season is in November and December and the long rainy season is in March and May. The heaviest rainfall season is expected in April however, flooding can occur in both rainy seasons.

Check in and Check Out

Check in can be anytime after 1200hrs and check out time is at 1000hrs.

Passport/Visa Requirement

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the lodge, all non-residents have to provide a valid proof of identification [passport] just like all Kenyans residents have to provide a valid proof of national ID as a proof of identification during check in date.

You can make your booking using our online reservations contacts below our website like through mails or direct phone call or WhatsApp chat.