Family Cottage

$920.00 / per night
Max. Guests
4 Adults / 1 Children
Booking Nights
1 Min. / 10+ Max.
Bed Type
Double & Twin
45 m²

Spacious and Elegant to accommodate a family or individuals with the intention of sharing a large open sitting area. Balcony access to the view of beautiful vegetation and outdoor fresh air. Family cottages as the name suggests has two sleeping area each featuring double or twin bed. It has common sitting area and similarly too, it has two showers, an indoor and an outdoor one; open-air Safari showers. Family Room category can hold a maximum of four guests.

Room Availability

  • Available
  • Not Available

Room Services

Widescreen TV
Private Bathroom
Pool view
Garden view
Air Condition
Private Balcony

Additional Services

Massage & Spa